Don’t let them veto your future, graduates!

Don’t let them veto your future, graduates!  The press has been abuzz with news over the showdown this week between the executive and legislative branches of our nation’s government.  President Bush cast only the second veto of his presidency in rejecting the Iraq war funding bill passed by Congress, a bill that included a mandated troop withdrawal date, which the president opposes. Ah, the power of a veto—the power of saying No!  But as the 673 of you Andrews University graduates gather for this memorable academic rite of passage, I and the rest of us here at Pioneer want you to know that we’re cheering you on with the power of a Yes! After all, it’s your graduation promise:  “For all the promises of God in Christ are Yes, to the glory of God” (II Corinthians 1:20).   Did you catch that?  As you head out the door of this campus, God is giving you a giant YES for all the promises you’re going to need for your uncharted journey.   A YES for the wisdom and the hope and courage you’ll go on seeking, a YES for the grace and the forgiveness you’ll go on needing, a YES for the new dreams and patience and faith and persistence you’ll be wanting, a YES for all the love that the most important relationships of your life will be requiring. A giant YES wrapped up in Jesus.  Not only because all God’s promises are a Yes in him.  But also because through your friendship with Christ, you’ll become the radical change agent our world’s been needing all along. So take plenty of pictures, hug all your professors, laugh through the memories, cling to the victories, turn in your key.  And as you drive away tomorrow, would you please say a prayer for us, too.  That right here at Pioneer we can be God’s giant YES to the new class of young adults who’ll be following in your footsteps in just a few weeks.  It was an honor to pray for you while you were here.  Honor us please with your prayers for us now that you’re leaving. And in heaven when we next meet—let our “high fives” be for the Savior whose friendship has turned our future into an eternal YES.  Together.  With him.  Amen.