Pioneer church offices have now opened with limited morning hours. We continue to implement our phased reentry approach. Read more regarding the COVID-19 Pioneer response here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 - 18:34

Grow Groups

COVID-19 Update: We're heading into summer, and with that comes new opportunities for Grow Groups! Summer groups will meet from June 22–August 3 (just 6 weeks), and since some of the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, we're open to online groups as well as groups that meet in person, as long as you carefully follow social distancing guidelines–meeting outside would be best! We'd like to continue offering groups for fostering social, mental, and spiritual engagement together in community while prioritizing health and safety.

Growing Better Together (At Home)

Grow Groups help you make new friends, be involved, and grow deeper in your relationship with God. These groups, covering a wide variety of interests, begin three times a year and usually meet for ten weeks. Groups are comprised of the 5 S's:

Semester-based.  Shared interest.  Spiritual touchpoint.  Service/Outreach project.  Social Event.

Join a GroupDates to Remember

Dates to Remember

Digital Group Leader Registration Deadline: June 11
Digital Grow Groups Meet: June 22–August 3

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