International Sabbath: "Congenital Christianity"


David Kim


Saturday, April 14, 2018
Procession of Flags
From Many Nations: A Processional • Kenneth Logan
Hymn of Praise
Great Is Thy Faithfulness • 100
Jackie Yates (Canada) & Yvonne Yong (Malaysia)
Welcome & Prayer
Silmara Ferreira (Brazil) & Randy Graves (USA)
Faces of Andrews University
Diversity of Andrews University
Andrea Luxton (England)
Tithes, Offerings, & International Student Offering
José Bourget (Dominican Republic)
Celebration in Music
Congregational Prayer
Zuzai (Papua New Guinea)
The Word
2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV
(Chinese /Italian /Arabic /English)
Celebration in Music
Chinese Group
Introduction of the Speaker
Robert Benjamin (Malaysia)
“Congenital Christianity”
David Kim (South Korea /USA)
Hymn of Commitment
The Savior Is Waiting • 289
Jackie Yates (Canada) & Yvonne Yong (Malaysia)
David Kim (South Korea/ USA)
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