Ben Martin

Ben Martin is on the pastoral team of Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University where he is the Pastor of Youth Ministries. He is passionate about engaging youth in ministry. He believes that every member should be a functioning part of the body of Christ. Over the last few years he has been intentionally thinking through what it means to disciple the next generation. He enjoys photography, camping and spending time with his wife, Brianna. Together, they have 2 children.


Saturday, December 14, 2019
Opening Music
Sounds of the Season • James Swearingen
O Children, Come Quickly • Johann Schulz
Ben Martin
Congregational Hymn
O Come, O Come Emmanuel • 115
Congregational Prayer
1st—Amaziah Towett, Olivia Skinner, Ian Kamau, Eirik Osman; 2nd—Emmet Martin, Angelica Pena, Gia Press, Kushata Mbaiwa
Worship in Music
A Cambridge Carol • Vince Gassi
Tithes & Offerings
O Children, Come Quickly • Johann Schulz
John 3:16
1st—Zarah Prentice 2nd—Ezra Jean-Baptiste
Part 1
“He Came”
Ben Martin
Come Light Our Hearts, For God So Loved the World, He Lay There Sleeping
John 13:35
1st—Kara King, 2nd—Hanan Legoh
Part 2
“We Follow”
Ben Martin
I Have Decided to Follow Jesus, Walking With Jesus, Isn’t He Wonderful, Follow Jesus
1 John 4:11
1st—Ethan Brodie, 2nd—Joshua Omwocha
Part 3
“We Love”
Ben Martin
I Will Follow, Love is Calling Out
Call for Gifts
Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service • 363
Ben Martin
Closing Song
God of Justice
Ben Martin
Closing Music
Good Christians, Now Rejoice • Anonymous Melody
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