The Truth About Hell

The Smoke of Their Torment


Dwight K. Nelson

Since 1983, Dwight Nelson has served as lead pastor of the Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University. He preaches on the “New Perceptions” telecast, teaches at the theological seminary and has written some books, including The Chosen. He and his wife, Karen, are blessed with two married children and 2 granddaughters.


The traditional teaching about hell "raises the problem of evil to impossible heights." Is there any way to reconcile "eternal fire" with a loving God? The difference this makes in how God is portrayed is enormous.
Saturday, February 28, 2009

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Jesus warned against a hell that is very real and very terrible: fire, darkness, sword, weeping and gnashing of teeth. Which makes the cross all the more shocking, for at Calvary Jesus entered the very hell he warned us away from.
The fires of purgatory are the same as the fires of hell, only the purpose and the result are different: so goes the classical doctrine of hell. The debate over purgatory isn't simply a matter of differing interpretations of Scripture. There's much more at stake here.
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