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Tuesday, June 8, 2021 - 20:46

Kindergarten Sabbath School

Welcome Kindergarteners!

Three Kindergarten Sabbath Schools actively engage 3 to 6 year olds in learning to love and live for Jesus, using the Gracelink Kindergarten curriculum adapted to our richly diverse and large groups. A parent/guardian stays with each child until they feel ready to attend on their own; parents/guardians take turns helping in various ways.

Summer Sabbath Schools are open! All are welcome, but space is limited and safety conditions apply. Weekly Sabbath School videos and monthly outdoor adventures continue through Summer.

Lesson Study Resources

  1. Click here to read each week's lesson and do activities including memorizing Bible verses. Choose the lesson with next Sabbath's date.
  2. Enjoy each Sabbath's Little Friend magazine, free online during the pandemic.
  3. Please give offering online. Include your child in this act of worship. Expense offering is needed to continue ordering printed Sabbath School materials.
  4. Search YouTube to enjoy more Adventist Kindergarten Sabbath School lesson videos.

Kinder-Primary Sabbath School on FacebookKinder-Primary Sabbath School on YouTube

How to Check In

As we value the safety of all, check in is required for all adults and children entering Sabbath School halls. Check in from your phone or church kiosk:
  • Text CHECK to 269-281-2345, from 9 am on Sabbaths. Click in the box for each family member wishing to attend. Click submit ONCE, then pick up tags as you enter the lower level Welcome Center. When room capacity is reached, check in closes, so you know whether to head to church or plan family Bible and nature study. 
  • Or search for your family at a kiosk as you arrive through the lower level Welcome Center. Click in each family member attending, submit ONCE, and wait for tags to print. Be prepared to create an alternate activity for your kids if capacity is reached before you arrive. 

How to Volunteer

Sabbath Schools bring families together to disciple kids and parents alike. When parents volunteer 1/4 of Sabbaths each year, parents and children benefit. It takes a village to raise spiritual champions; at Pioneer our children are blessed with diverse models of Christ-followers taking turns and discipling each other. Parents, Andrews University or Academy students, grandparents and other growing Christians who are willing to complete North American Division required training and a background check, are invited to join a dynamic team.