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Friday, August 20, 2021 - 15:26

Junior Sabbath School

Welcome Juniors!

Three Junior Sabbath Schools actively engage 4th through 6th graders in learning to love and live for Jesus, using the Gracelink Junior PowerPoints curriculum adapted to our richly diverse and large groups. Juniors must check in but can arrive and leave their rooms without parent/guardians accompanying them.

Sabbath Schools welcome visitors, new and returning members! Enrolling online is convenient but we're happy to help you get connected at the Welcome Center on the lower level when you first attend.

Not able to attend in person this Fall? Families with kids in Grades 1 through 6 are welcome to join our combined Primary and Junior online Sabbath School at this link each Saturday, 10 to 11 am EDT, from any device with audio and video and stable internet access. Children must be allowed to be visible and unmute to participate.

Lesson Study Resources


  1. Grade 4&5 Juniors: Read the PowerPoint lesson, listen to podcasts, and do fun activities
  2. Grade 6 Juniors: Lessons are provided in Sabbath School.


  1. It's easy to give offering online or in person. Thanks for including world mission and expense offering that helps pay for Junior Guides which include your lesson.
  2. Enjoy learning more about God and His plans for us through these resources freely available online:
  3. Join the Evergreen Pathfinder Club

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How to Check In

As we value the safety of all, all adults and children entering Sabbath School halls wear name tags and masks. It's easy to check in each week from your cell phone or in the Welcome Center as you arrive.

  • On your phone, text CHECK to 269-281-2345, from 9 am on Sabbaths. Click in the box for each family member wishing to attend. Click submit ONCE, then pick up tags as you enter the lower level Welcome Center.
  • At a kiosk in the Welcome Center, enter your family name, then select family member attending, submit ONCE, and wait for tags to print.

How to Volunteer

Our church family disciples kids together. It takes a village to raise spiritual champions; at Pioneer our children are blessed with diverse models of Christ-followers taking turns and discipling each other.  Parents and others who love Jesus and have a clear background check are invited to join one of our dynamic Sabbath School teams. Volunteer. Belong. Grow.

Apply to Volunteer

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